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Professor and a group of students looking at a lake

Blakely Island Field Station

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Blakely Island Field Station in the San Juan Islands provides amazing opportunities for students to work in intensive short-term courses involving rugged, undeveloped land and both freshwater and ocean environments. With large lakes, thousands of acres of forest, and surrounded by marine water, the station supports a variety of biology classes and undergraduate research projects. With the lack of artificial light on the island, students in Astronomy get an amazing view of the night sky. Students not majoring in the sciences have benefited from writing, art, and theology courses.

The generosity of past donors has provided us with excellent facilities! But as the facilities age, we must repair and update them. In particular, our iconic bridge needs to be rebuilt. Besides being a connector between our housing units and the dining hall and lab facilities, the bridge carries critical water and septic lines.

Funds raised on Giving Day this year will be used to:

  • Rebuild the bridge
  • Support student fee reductions for summer courses
  • Support undergraduate research projects
  • Address other facilities needs around the Blakely campus

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!